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Cover of Haus Atlantis, a book about Karen Russo's film projects and research into the mystical Nordic architecture of German Expressionist Bernhard Hoetger. Published by Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, 2019. English and German, Hardcover, 128 pp, 20.4 × 28.6 cm, 500 copies, offset in full colour, Pantone metallic gold and blue 072.

Excerpt from Panoptics, a text contribution to the book L'Europe c'est Deutshland quand tu rate laba tu est foutue mon frère, le reste c'est du fouma-fouma! by Eliott Déchamboux and Marcel Mrejen. Published by Jungle Books, 2019.

Redesign of the website for the artist Kristina Benjocki, 2019. Programmed by Jeroen Vader.

Excerpt from On the Production of Words, a text about typewriting, in The Facit Model by Our Polite Sociey. Published by Spector Books, 2019.

Cover of Scriptings#49 — La Presse, a printable PDF publication coming forth from the work La Presse initiated by artist Achim Lengerer at La Galerie, CAC Noisy le Sec, 2018. French, 48 pp, 29.7 × 21 cm.

Excerpt from The Hitting Ball, 2018. A text about the "golf ball" type element commercialized by IBM for its Selectric typewriters. Published in MacGuffin issue 6 (The Ball).

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